Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mx player pro v1.8.16 latest version free Download

Download mx player pro apk  latest version 

Mx Player pro features 

  • MX Player can search all the videos available on your device and you can watch videos distracted by folders.
  • Swipe left and right to move videos back and forth
  • MX Player Pro can play 4K video easily, but you need a high-end device to play 4K video.
  • You can also play online videos through MX Player.
  • You can easily watch the last seen videos on the MX Player.
  • The app supports multi-core decoding for a good experience.
  • You can choose the color format and sound from the settings.
  • You can swap decoding mode for HW or SW
  • Download and show the subtitles with the video player. You can also use the subtitle gestures available on the player.
  • The app has a great feature called Children's Lock, which helps you block unwanted clicks on the screen.
  • Multi-core decoding, especially on Dual Core devices, can improve the quality of 70% of the video.
  • Pinch the screen to zoom in or out any video
  • There is no boring advertisement on the free app free app
  • The app supports multiple formats of subtitles.
  • MX Player Pro is the best video player that can play all types of video.

Download GBWhatsapp v5.40 latest version Apk

GBWhtasapp Mod Apk For Android latest version v5.40


The GBWhatsApp app is one of the most popular Android apps. If you have an Android device, and want to use Whatsapp MOD for cool things in your Whatatsapp, then using 2 Whatsapp accounts in a device and more. With the help of this GB Whatsapp app, you can hide your last breath, second tick, online status etc. We've provided a direct download link for GB Whatsapp, which you can easily use in your root or non-rooted Android device. There are lots of cool Whatsapp tricks available these days, like send an empty message to WhatsApp and many more. This GB Whatsapp comes with many features, and a lot has improved. This is better than GB Whatsapp Wootspe Plus or Oggwutspe, we have also mentioned some super cool features, which are included in this GBWhatSep.

You can now download GBwhatsapp apk from below available links below. You need to share this post to get the download link. We have provided 2 links, which you can try one-by-one. All links are working properly If you still have problems while downloading this APK below, drop a comment below, I will try to help you. This app is working really well in all Android devices from the bottom right now to enjoy it in your device. This app is better than official Whatsapp and there are so many cool features in your device to download it from below for free to enjoy it.

GBWhatsapp features

Look at some of the common features of this GB Whatsapp APK, which you will find after installing it in your Android device.

This app contains many features, which you can use on your Android device. This app comes with many features, some of them are explained below and I will explain some of them. For example, if you want to ultimately hide from some of your specific contacts, you can use this GBWhatsapp apk on your Android device. Or you can easily hide your online status from specific contacts or all friends

  • Disable calls for specific contacts
  • Working Video Calling
  • Send GIF picture
  • Added self-flash
  • Hide last seen for specific contacts.
  • Send link to join Whitsap Group Publicly
  • Proof of restriction, no issue to restrict your account.
  • Now you can send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  • Supports call, no worry about calling feature
  • Hide your (last visited) without any problem in one click
  • Confidential mode like hidden second ticks etc.
  • Themes mode, apply any theme you like from the Inbuilt Theme Store
  • Theme server (download / download theme)
  • Modify tics / bubble style according to your choice
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Media preview without loading, much better than advanced and real Whatsapp (GBModes rocks)
Show them online / last time in the main screen so that you do not worry about appearing in other people's devices for the last time.   

There were some common features of GBWatSpeep APK, now you can see some of the more amazing features of this GBWAVATS APK below.

Send 30 MB size video instead of 16 MB, so now enjoy sending big video files with your friends.
Send 90 images in 10 instead of once. Now you can send bulk images without any problem.
Change your status and add it to 250 characters instead of 139 characters. Now also check Big Quotes in your WhatsApp Status Check it also - Whatsapp Status
Ability to press on the link on the chat screen without saving the sender number or the group admin number
Tells the ability to press on a link to your friends, if your friends have posted a link in the situation, you can open it manually with a click instead of typing.
The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and broadcast messages
When copying more than one message, hide name and date, you can now copy bulk SMS without showing other people's names (very good features).
The possibility of copying the status of friends Now click on the status of your friend, and it will copy the position of your friend to the clipboard.
Change app icon and notifications from settings
And many other features ... you can try and use it. 😀